21 Days to Creative Freedom

21 days of step-by-step strategy and exercises for creatives who want to launch their brands with courage

Ever felt like you're supposed to start your next creative project, launch a business, finish writing that book...but feel unmotivated and shackled by doubt?

Calling all writers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want to experience an orgasmic explosion of creativity in the next 21 days + finally launch that project!

Dear Creative,

You are not alone.

In 2016, I invested in a premium group coaching program for publicity by a well-known expert in the online industry.

We learned how to pitch several types of media. We had coaching calls with magazine editors, select media personnel, and big online entrepreneurs who either critiqued our pitches or shared some insights with us.

We had a Facebook group that was very responsive. Everyone was very helpful and we all posted “wins” when we got a media mention or broke into a coveted publication or podcast.

Then the opportunity I’d been waiting for for years came sliding in.

It was a call for contributors to Women@Forbes!

Gahhh. Omg Forbes! Gahhhh. This is yugee!!!

Words can’t describe the excitement and anxiety I felt at that moment. I’d spent the whole of 2015 fantasizing about breaking into top publications, and here I was...shaking at the idea of typing a pitch.

October came and went.

November followed.

December waltzed in like a rich woman with gifts for everyone.

But I was still refining my pitch.

One little edit...I’ll just cut and paste that part.

Hmm...the bio is too salesy.

I don’t have a fancy website.

I need the “as seen on” banner.

I truly wanted to be perfect.

My mentor reviewed my pitch and told me it was good to go. Yet…

January rolled in.

Then in March, I summoned up courage to hit send after double-checking the email address for the 1000th time.

Wanna know what the result was?

Hi Margaret,

Thanks so much for your interest, but we are not looking for more contributors in this space at the moment.




My mind went numb. At that moment, all I could think of was why I didn’t hit the send button earlier.

Why didn’t I confess that I was scared? Why did I try to act tough when everyone came forward with their pitches? What if I’d sent it earlier and she gave me feedback? Would I have added 200+ people to my email list in the next 3 days?

Regrets. We all have ‘em. Fear. We all feel it.

These are the real reasons YOU don’t take action.

1) You’re afraid of criticism and rejection.

Our minds are programed to protect us from danger, risk, and things we deem harmful to us. We are prone to shrinking from opportunities that will take us from 0-100 if it means we have to do something that will make us feel uncomfortable.

In most cases, this means putting yourself out there and showing up where it matters...where your audience can SEE you and BUY from you.

2) You feel you aren't not good enough.

Someone you deeply care about once said your worked sucked. Your colleagues never gave you credit for all the ideas your came up with at work. In school, your colleagues did not listen to your ideas, preferring to sink the boat to adopting a fresh approach. Your approach.

3) You lack courage to promote our work.

You've toiled and slaved over creating new content, writing your book, starting your illustration business...but you're too scared to promote your craft.

Because you think you sound sleazy. Because you hate promoting yourself. Because it doesn't feel natural.

If this is you, you don't need another strategy course, blueprint, or copyrighted system to success. What you need is courage to move you from a mindset of fear into abundance...so that you can really show up for yourself and your goals!

21 days to creative freedom is full of reflective exercises and prompts to gently guide you towards finishing what you start and launching it to the world.

Every day, you'll get a lesson with strategy + reflection to work on. Each exercise will prompt you to do an intensive amount of inner work to break through the limits holding you back from launching your brand with courage.

The goal is to launch something that you are proud of by the end of 21 days.

So, who am I again?

Your Instructor

Margaret Olat
Margaret Olat

I'm Margaret.

I help creative entrepreneurs how to thrive at the intersection of creativity, passion, and profit. I do this by helping them uncover genius ideas, identify what to sell, and designing their offers with them.

Most of my work is dedicated towards finding your life's work, becoming a creative entrepreneur, cultivating a healthy mindset, and developing a personal brand that builds a legacy.

My writing has been featured on TEDxLincoln, Thought Catalog, Brit + Co, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Career Contessa, UYD Media, Inspired COACH magazine, and I’ve been mentioned by the likes of ProBlogger, Cheeky Scientist, Minnesota State University Moorhead, and John Hopkins Alumni.

Here are some words from my previous clients...

"Margaret is my secret weapon and a master of words! She helped me snatch my dream opportunity as a blogger for The Huffington Post! I'm so grateful."

- Lillian Okoye, China Business Strategist

"Working with you was really enlightening for me because although I already knew what a sales page was and had read some articles on how to put one together, I still didn’t know how or where to start from. You did not only help me put together a killer sales page but you also helped me see why it is really important to craft one for your service or product."

- Cassie Daves, Medical Doctor and Award-winning Lifestyle Entrepreneur

"Whether you're a total beginner who needs to write copy from the ground up, or you've got copy already in pace (like I did), but know it needs a bit of help, Margaret can do it!

I was looking for ways to improve my sales page, but just getting lost in a sea of info that didn't apply to me. I was frustrated that I didn’t know how to get it 'just right' and also didn't know where to get help.

Margaret was so clear and thorough. She covered lots of different aspects of the sales page in a really easy to understand framework and helped me apply this directly to the copy I'd already written."

- Samantha Russell, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

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